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A photographer’s reflections on a visit to Amee Farm Lodge

A few weeks ago photographer Katina Bentley visited Amee Farm lodge.  She was in town to photograph the new farmers who have moved in across the street, Sweet Georgia P’s at Amee Farm.  Here are her thoughts on a visit to our New England escape.

The view of Vermont's scenic Route 100

photo Katina Bentley


Vermont, Route 100.  It is everything one expects from a scenic drive in the Green Mountain State in the spring, when the vibrant color is so dense and profuse that you cannot help but roll down your windows, inhale deeply, turn up the music and sing aloud {albeit horribly, in my case}.  Admittedly, I was alone in the car… no kids, no husband… my music, my thoughts.  My destination was Sweet Georgia P’s at Amee Farm in Pittsfield, Vermont.  My job: photograph the big, the small, the nitty gritty, and my favorite, the people — all making up this amazing little enterprise that simply wants to make the world a better place through its community supported agriculture.


A vermont family farm

photo Katina Bentley


After I toured the property with Becca, owner at Sweet Georgia P’s, I started photographing everything:  stacked wood, hinges, chalkboard signs, the farm dog, freshly planted pansies, asparagus, wagon wheels, rafters, and anything else I thought might be useful in re-telling my story with potential readers or guests.


Vermont Farm Stand

photo Katina Bentley


saw mill photo

photo Katina Bentley


Even in the worst weather conditions, the well appointed barns and lodge at Amee Farm easily achieve their purpose with visitors and overnight guests by creating spaces that allow people to relax, disconnect (aka, reconnect) and spend time with friends and family.   On my adventure, I gathered with my hosts, Becca & Joe, around a roaring outdoor fire pit at dusk and indulged in cocktails and s’mores.  When the rain started pouring down, we moved across the street and enjoyed dinner on the great covered porch thanks to the local General Store.


Amee Farm Lodge

photo Katina Bentley


Vermont porch with green mountain view

photo Katina Bentley


Amee Lodge sitting room

photo Katina Bentley


When the conversations & dinner ultimately ended and we bid goodnight to one another, I savored every minute of reading in my cozy bed with the window open, listening to the rain.  Peeking out of my window the next morning at Amee Farm was a gift in itself where the entire landscape was wrapped in a mist that slowly revealed the quaint valley as the sun burned through the clouds.   A cup of coffee and a few more sunlit photos and it was time for me to wrap up my visit and return to coastal Scituate (and my family!)  I can’t wait to come back soon with my husband & kids and share this magical space with them.  Until next time!

fire pit at dusk

photo Katina Bentley




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